Pleiades Network: A constellation of women working for a sustainable world.

Board of Directors

Valerie Belanger

Kate Ellis

Irene Hamburger

Pamela Hess, Clerk

Lisa Holmes, Chair

Penelope Jaggesar

Marie Studer, Treasurer

Strategic Plan

Read our Strategic Plan here.


Pleiades is an incredible network of women doing crucial work to create a more sustainable world. While we represent fairly diverse career fields, our membership does not reflect the ethnic and racial diversity of the U.S., let alone the rest of the world. We want to change that.

It’s more important than ever that we connect and build networks with a broad spectrum of women. As a board, we are looking for ways to connect with organizations run by and for diverse women leaders. We also need to recruit more women into Pleiades who come from under-represented backgrounds, especially women of color.

Please note, we construe the term “diversity” very broadly. While we are highlighting the need to bring in more non-white women, we’re eager to recruit women who vary widely in terms of their culture, religion and sexual identity.

Our nomination process is the vehicle for this change. As members think about women they believe would contribute to Pleiades and benefit from membership, they are asked to consider nominating women who would deepen the diversity of our network.