Founder & Executive Director at Made Safe

Amy Ziff has created America’s first independent, 3rd party cross-category certification program for consumer products that verifies products don’t contain toxic chemicals known or suspected to harm human health. With Made Safe, she is harnessing our collective purchasing power to create massive change; this revolutionary new seal has quickly become a catalyst for making more safe and sustainable products.

The MADE SAFE® (Made With Safe Ingredients) seal allows consumers to easily purchase products that are safe for use on their babies, bodies, and in their homes. Consumers want to know if their products are nontoxic and for the first time it’s easy.

Companies recognize that a full-circle economy demands that companies use responsible product manufacturing practices – practices that won’t harm humans or ecosystems. The MADE SAFE Screening Process gives companies a roadmap to using sustainable, nontoxic ingredients. MADE SAFE provides an affordable and scientific approach for companies to employ as they work toward a healthier tomorrow.

MADE SAFE is the only certification program endorsed by the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics. In just 18 months the organization is working with over 50 brands, some publicly and others behind the scenes; has vetted more than 400 products; and added over 10,000 ingredients to the Toxicant Database. Building strong partnerships with veteran Nonprofits such as: Silent Spring, Breast Cancer Fund, Safer Chemicals Healthier Families, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Moms Clean Air Force and GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Made Safe can reach millions of Moms and caregivers.

Ziff is a proven entrepreneur and award-winning brand marketer with a Masters in Journalism and Communications. She was on the founding team of Site59 where she pioneered the first luxury business line for travel on the web. When Site59 was acquired by Travelocity, she ran a national sales team and then founded an earned-media program, blog, and travel seal that reached over 20 million people annually. Ziff also founded the company’s award-winning Cause Marketing program. While there she helped design the first green hotel program in conjunction with the Rainforest Alliance and UNEP as well as launching a seal for the best finds across North America while at Travelocity. She left to be cofounder and creative director of Jetsetter, the first online flash-sale for high-end travel, bringing together high quality content, commerce, and community. Throughout her career Amy has been a media resource. She has interviewed with Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, David Muir, Meredith Viera, and Bill O’Reilly on shows such as Good Morning America, The Tonight Show and Nightly News, as well as appearing regularly on CNN, FOX News, and more. Her data and findings have been used in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, THE NEW YORKER and numerous other publications.

Amy is determined to make the world less toxic. As a certified health coach with a genetic predisposition to toxicity, she’s also mom to three young kids who share the same trait. Ziff teaches classes on living a nontoxic life and blogs about the chemical world we live in at The Chalkboard Magazine, Café Mom, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post and more. Her “buy better” advocacy work has reached millions. Amy is changing the world for the healthier one product at a time, one person at a time, one home at a time.