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Daniella Dimitrova Russo
Daniella Russo's blended executive experience in high-tech, from startups to Fortune 500 businesses, and NGOs has helped elevate plastic pollution to the forefront of global, social, environmental, and political discourse. She has launched the Think Beyond Plasticâ„¢ Accelerator to address plastic pollution as an innovation challenge that leverages the growing consumer and business demand for safe alternatives to conventional plastics. Ms. Russo is pioneering a global strategy focused on viable solutions that enable sustainability, corporate responsibility and financial growth through market and policy instruments. Daniella Russo serves on the Executive Committee of Trash Free Seas Alliance, the executive board of World Green Citizen, BLUE Ocean Film festival, as well as PulpWorks, Inc, NewGenSurgical and UPSTREAM. She is an ambassador for World Green Citizen and the co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition.