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Rachel Caplan
I’m passionate about film as a catalyst for environmental ideas and action. I have over 20 years of experience working in film exhibition, including film festivals in the USA & Europe. In 2011, I launched the San Francisco Green Film Festival – now the West Coast's leading organization for films & conversations about people and the planet. There were several audience experiences in 2007-2009 that led me to launch the Green Film Fest. These film screenings - 'An Inconvenient Truth', 'The Age of Stupid', 'The Cove' – were about more than watching a movie: people were excited about getting together, sharing the stories on screen and talking about pressing environmental issues. In 2010, I created the Green Film Fest to fill this need for sharing bold environmental stories in the city that's at the forefront of both independent film and the global green movement. Since the first-ever Opening Night screening of 'Bag It', Green Film Fest has shown time and again that films are uniquely powerful vehicles for spreading knowledge, opening debate, and galvanizing action. Over 270 programs later, we’ve honed the power of that “a-ha!” moment - when the credits roll, the lights come up, and the audience member feels moved and motivated for what comes next. Working with filmmakers, environmental experts, and campaigners we are creating programs that bring us together to spark ideas for a better world.

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