President at SunLight Time Foundation

Buffy’s heart belongs to the Galapagos Islands. Though not based there, she has returned many times since 2004 to work with the Galapagueno people as a photographer for NGOs. Her experiences there have led her to champion human health care in the Galapagos Islands as a primary building block for all conservation efforts going forward. In the course of her research into how to help facilitate this idea she has combined forces with an Ecuadorian Non Profit, who has been applying these same principals in rural areas of the mainland of Ecuador for over 17 years, and The Red Mangrove Inns of Galapagos who are working closely with the human communities of Galapagos.

Buffy’s images combine the natural world and it’s needs with the human ones, in the hopes of highlighting the interdependency innate in both.

Buffy’s dream as a little girl was to be the first Marine Biologist in Space, and in pursuit of that dream worked for several years at SEACAMP in the Florida Keys, and has traveled extensively, but is neither a Marine Biologist nor a space traveler, as of yet! Buffy holds a BA in Ancient Military History an MFA in Dramatic Writing, and currently uses her photographic abstracts as the primary outlet for her creativity. Buffy is an avid SCUBA diver, shark fanatic and cat behavior enthusiast (affectionately called a “cat whisperer” by several friends with troubled felines).

Buffy began her involvement with Dr. Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue on the 2011 Galapagos trip, and it continues to be on the forefront of her time and energy. Buffy is on the Regional Board of Directors of the BLUE Ocean Film Festival, and also serves on the board of photographer Bryant Austin’s Board for Marine Mammal Conservation Through the Arts.

Buffy is also the Director of the Sunlight Fund.