Pleiades Network: A constellation of women working for a sustainable world.

Member Events

2017 Annual Retreat

December 1-3, 2017 @ Cold Spring, New York

This weekend-long retreat for members is a time for restoring, relaxing, rejuvenating, reconnecting, reenergizing, and renewing our leadership.

Security Implications of Climate Change

September 12, 2017 @ New York

A briefing on the national security implications of climate change, with members of Rachel’s Network.

Energetic Leadership Workshop

August 8, 2017 @ Boston

Tools for creating a life that is energy-giving versus energy-depleting to optimize our ability to communicate and embody our authentic leadership style, with Anna Tsui.

Members Dinner

July 16, 2017 @ Boston

A gathering of members and guests at Waypoint.

Members Garden Party

July 11, 2017 @ Boston

A gathering of members and guests to reconnect and learn about one another’s work.

Members Dinner

June 19, 2017 @ San Francisco

A gathering of members and guests at Gracias Madre in the Mission.

Women Food Entrepreneurs

June 15, 2017 @ Portland, Oregon

A panel discussion with women entrepreneurs in the food industry to talk about sustainability, leadership and collaboration.

Learning Journey to Yosemite

June 7-10, 2017 @ Yosemite National Park, California

A special tour of Yosemite National Park and NatureBridge’s educational program there.

Cider Tasting

May 23, 2017 @ New York

A professionally led tasting to learn about regional ciders and the women who make them, with Jennifer Smith of the New York Cider Association.

Climate March

April 29, 2017 @ Washington DC

Members and friends marching together to bring awareness to the threats of climate change.

Better for You, Better For the Planet

April 28, 2017 @ Washington DC

A salon featuring Ashley Koff, RD, on better, more sustainable beauty and nutrition choices and how our total nutrition (food, supplements, skincare & makeup) impacts our bodies and the planet.

Members Dinner

April 20, 2017 @ New Haven

A gathering of members and guests at Roia.

The Threat to Science Under Trump – And What We Can Do About It

March 30, 2017 @ Boston

A salon featuring Suzanne Shaw, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Taylor Milsal, Biotech Investor & Entrepreneur.

Women’s Leadership

November 28, 2016 @ Boston

A presentation and discussion on women’s leadership with Linda Carli, author of Through the Labyrinth: The Truth About How Women Become Leaders. Dr. Carli will share her research on the state of women’s leadership and how we can continue moving forward.

Members Dinner

November 17, 2016 @ New York

A gathering of members and guests at The Green Table in New York City.

2016 Annual Retreat

November 4-6, 2016 @ Pescadero, California

This weekend-long retreat for members will include inspiring discussions, networking, strategy sessions, great food and enjoying the environs.

The Best of the SF Green Film Festival

July 25, 2016 @ San Francisco, California

A private, curated screening and discussion featuring highlights from the 2016 Festival by member Rachel Caplan, SF Green Film Festival founder.

Members Gathering

April 26, 2016 @ Westchester, New York

Olive Oil Tasting

March 8, 2016 @ Cambridge, Massachusetts

An evening with Mary Taylor, olive oil expert and owner of Salt & Olive, to learn about olive oil, sustainable production and the women in the business.

Toxins & Environmental Health Salon

February 8, 2016 @ New York, New York

A conversation and cocktails with member Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, director/producer/writer of Toxic Baby on the hidden toxins all around us.

New Members Welcome

November 6, 2015 @ Cambridge, Massachusetts

New Members Welcome

October 14, 2015 @ New York, New York

At member Mary Cleaver’s organic restaurant The Green Table.

2015 Annual Retreat

October 2-4, 2015 @ Essex, Massachusetts

Art Salon

June 11, 2015 @ Boston, Massachusetts

A gathering at the studio of member Karen Lee Sobol to view her new work.

Members Gathering

November 20, 2014 @ Cambridge, Massachusetts

2014 Annual Retreat

October 24-26, 2014 @ Calistoga, California

New Year Celebration

January 6, 2014 @ New York, New York

2013 Annual Retreat

November 8-10, 2013 @ Cold Spring, New York

Social Change Salon

October 28, 2013 @ New York, New York

A discussion featuring Liz Coleman, Director of The Center for the Advancement of Public Action, on the role of women in leading social change.

Chasing Ice Screening and Discussion

September 18, 2013 @ Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

A member gathering at a community screening of the film Chasing Ice followed by a panel discussion. Presented by the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Women in Leadership Salon

January 24, 2013 @ New York, New York

A discussion with Kathleen Yazbak, Ridgeway Partners, on the role of women on boards and in positions of leadership.

2012 Annual Retreat

October 26-28, 2012 @ Colrain, Massachusetts

Living Light: The Art & Science of Bioluminescence

July 31, 2012 @ Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

An evening of ideas and performance to highlight the beauty and importance of bioluminescence and address the critical need for ocean conservation. Featuring member Kristin McArdle, dancer & choreographer, and honorary member Sylvia Earle, renowned oceanographer.

What Now? Workshop

May 10, 2012 @ Arlington, Massachusetts

A peer-to-peer workshop-style event to explore your next life moves.

From Sea to Sushi Bar

March 1, 2012 @ Stanford University, Palo Alto, California

A conversation and cocktails with journalist Beth Daley of the Boston Globe about her work investigating fish fraud.

2011 Annual Retreat

November 4-6, 2011 @ Cambridge, New York

Honey Tasting

October 27, 2011 @ Follow the Honey, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Local libations and a discussion with Follow the Honey owner and beekeeper Mary Canning.

Mom Energy Book Event

October 17, 2011 @ Cambridge, Massachusetts

Featuring Ashley Koff, RD, author of Mom Energy.

The Power of Connections

September 25, 2011 @ Galerie Swanström, New York City

Featuring member Sunny Bates, Connector, and a sustainable wine tasting prepared by Lot 18.

Fly Fishing Weekend

May 13-15, 2011 @ Cambridge, New York

A special weekend of fishing, foraging and feasting with Taking Root, founded by member Leah Mayor.

Citywide: Participatory Public Art in the City

February 9, 2011 @ Cambridge, Massachusetts

An evening of apples with Boston Tree Party founder, Lisa Gross.

2010 Annual Retreat

October 22-24, 2010 @ Newport, Rhode Island

What Inspires Women to Take Action?

October 09, 2010 @ New York City

A discussion on how Pleiades can inspire women to take action, and brainstorming some specific member project ideas.

The Revolution will be Streamed:
New Modes of Media Distribution and Social Action

August 28, 2010 @ Sea Studios Foundation, Monterey, California

Featuring member Rachel Caplan, CEO/Founder, San Francisco Green Film Festival and held during the BLUE Ocean Film Festival.

Encyclopedia of Life

August 05, 2010 @ Core De Vie, Boston, Massachusetts

Member Dr. Marie Studer sharing her work on Harvard’s Encyclopedia of Life project.

Boston Gathering

July 13, 2010 @ Sofra, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Featuring member Molly Kile, environmental epidemiologist, speaking about her work in Bangladesh.

Member Gathering

November 19, 2009 @ Cloud Institute, New York City

Rowing the Pacific

October 13, 2009 @ Concord, Massachusetts

Member Roz Savage presents on her row across the Pacific Ocean.

2009 Annual Retreat

September 11-13, 2009 @ Gouldsboro, Maine