Executive Director at The Architectural League of New York

Rosalie Genevro is an urbanist who has led the Architectural League as Executive Director since 1985, pursuing the Leagueʼs mission of nurturing excellence and stimulating discussion and debate on issues in architecture, design and urbanism. The League’s programs present the work of many of the world’s best- known architects and emerging talents, and create opportunities for investigation and innovation in the built environment.

Engaging in a wide range of public forums, Ms. Genevro has organized design studies, directed exhibitions, initiated digital publications, conceived and edited print publications, and guided the creation of live public events in myriad forms, including lectures, panels, conferences and symposia, and roundtable discussions. The New York City-focused design studies she has directed include “Vacant Lots,” on affordable infill housing for small sites, “New Schools for NewYork,” on design and development strategies to create small public schools, “The Productive Park,” on parks and the water supply, “Envisioning East New York,” and “Arverne: Housing on the Edge.” Digital projects include www.worldviewcities.org, which presents reports by local young architects on out-of-the mainstream cities around the world, and www.urbanomnibus.net, a publication that defines and enriches the culture of citymaking through a focus on good ideas for cities, tried and tested in the five boroughs of New York. She has directed the creation of major traveling exhibitions, including “Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Selected Projects,” “Ten Shades of Green: Architecture and the Natural World” and “Urban Life: Housing in the Contemporary City.” She conceived and directs the ongoing, multi-format League project “The Five Thousand Pound Life: Architecture, Climate Change, and our Economic Future.”

Ms. Genevro has served as a peer reviewer for the NYC Departments of Design and Construction, City Planning, Cultural Affairs, and Parks and Recreation; a grant review panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts; and a critic and juror for many architecture school juries and other prize competitions, including as a member of the inaugural jury of the Jane Jacobs award for the Rockefeller Foundation. She serves on the New York Committee of the Regional Plan Association and was a member of the executive committee for the first and second presentations of the New Museum’s Ideas City festival. In 2015, Ms. Genevro received an Arts and Letters Award in Architecture from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Ms. Genevro studied history and architectural history at Occidental College and Cornell University.